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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Here I am alive in Japan.

It has been almost 3 years since I wrote my last log entry. Wow... 3 years.   So many things happen to me and my life style is totally different from back then. Since I can't write all the strories about this past years, I will write the story of my life from now on instead. My new web site is on the test run now and this blog is attached to it, so there are some chance that people may visit this long forgotten diary again. I have to give it re-start. Feel free to follow this blog and send me message. I will surely read it and get back to you if I'm free!


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Log 8 : Street performance in S.F.

OMG! I put only 4 days to write next log entry from the last one. This is the record!!

I want to share some movie today. It is the video of me playing on the Market st in S.F. This is the one Tom took when I was jamming with the one of those marching kids who was performing on the other side of street with his band members and some guy playing conga who jumped in to a session few seconds later from I and this kid started playing.

After this session, this kid brought his other marching members and that was when the session got really fun!!!

Unfortunately, Tom was gone to his work by that time so there was no one to record that session for me. 

Anyway, I talked about street performance in my last entry and thought putting video of it might be helpful to image how it is like.
Hope you like it.





それと最近、英語のみの更新が続いておりますね。すいません。色々溜め込んでからブログを書く性で、結構長文になんで、それを日本語に訳す気力が英文の方を書き終わる頃には無くなってるんスよね。ホントすんません。 m(_ _)m

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Log 7 : A New Year and back to San Francisco

Wow! It has been really long since I posted my last entry. How are you people? A happy new year! It is February 1st! I know!!!

So many things have happened to me since we were on a short break from our tour. I want to mention some of them here.

I spent Christmas and New Years with Derrik's family in Boston. Usually, Christmas in Japan is not like the U.S. It is more like an event for a couple. So we go out with our partner for dinner, a movie, or anything romantic. But people in the U.S cerebrate Christmas with their families. And kids can get more than one present! (Each kid gets one present for Christmas in Japan-- usually). 

These past 6 years, I've had the new year count down in California.  It was a bit of disappointment to me to watch that people who live in east coast could have and cerebrate a new year 3 hours earlier than Californians but not this time! I was one of these people who had the new year first in this country!!! Yeah!!!

From Jan 6th to 26th, I went back to S.F.  I met many familiar faces and some new faces. There are too many events that happened to me, and it is impossible to state every single thing. So I highlight one event that dynamically changed my point of view.

How many of you have seen a street performer before?  Where and what did he/she do? Painting? Miming? Dancing? or Playing instrument? What was your impression? Positive? negative? or nothing at all?
I assume almost all of you have seen street performers, but I believe only few of you have ever considered doing street performance yourself. Well I did for 2 weeks. Before I did it, my view of street performance is, I would say, pretty negative. How? I am sorry for my poor vocabulary, but I almost looked down those performers in the way of estimating them as failures of their dreams. 
I was totally wrong.
I realized how challenging, and terrifying it is on the first day.
Let's say you are good at dancing, painting, playing music or any thing. But can you keep on doing it for more than 2 hours with out losing your focus and people's attentions?
Yes? Ok then...
Please imagine that you are on the middle of street which thousands of pedestrians walk across every day. You are by yourself and setting up for whatever you are going to do. The pressure you have there could give you a heart attack even before you start performing.
And now you are all set and ready to go. Look up straight and watch the pedestrians. They will not stop walking but give you those looks. They look at you with curiosity, indifference, but most of the time they look at you with emptiness. Like they are staring at nothing in the air.
This is absolutely a scary moment that can give you a mental break down. Especially for the first time.
Anyway, long story short, I did it and learned so many things

Just Like real life, you can not expect what is going to happen while you are performing. Many strangers would come up to you and start talking about nothing you are interested in... You can not be rude because those people might give you trouble later. Being patient is really important not only on this particular occasion but when you are performing too because you would get nothing for hours.

Enough for the bad side of street performance. Let's talk about the good side.
People who would come up and talk to you are not homeless people every time. You might have really cool people talking to you.
I started performing by myself and played my first 2 days alone. I only made $15 total. I was so disappointed in myself and felt I was not good at all at what I really want to do for my living. On the 3rd day, I could have given up and done something else but I didn't. Because I decided a long time ago that I would never give up what I want to do, even though I have to quit having an ordinary life.
So I forced myself to go out on the busiest street in S.F,  Market St.  By that time, I was not afraid of almost anything. So I quickly set up my kit and started playing beats. After 2 hours and half, I was surprised that I made 4 times more than I made past 2 days easily!  Where you are going to perform is very important.
3 hours after I started,  some marching drum kids asked me to join. They were performing across the street.  Of course I welcomed them and we started playing together. Suddenly, whole street was full of audience! We played beats together and traded solos. People liked what we did. We played for about an hour together and police had to shut us down because there were too many people stopping to watch us. They said we are causing traffic.
Isn't that cool?  I think that is cool!
Many people liked what we were playing. Those people did not know who we are. These marching kids and I had never met before. We met on that day, started playing, and created a good street scene.  I made more than $100 in 4 hours that day.

Next day, I went to fisherman's wharf with my kit. Under the big crab sign, I started playing. In about 30 minutes, two musicians came to me and asked me to play with them. They are from Hubert Emerson, Sahar Miller & The Gro Wiser Band.
Mr Emerson and Miss Miller are very talented musicians. From that day, we played together at fisherman's wharf till the day before I went back to Boston. I am so glad that they asked me to play drums for them. I learned a lot by playing with them.

From this experience I earned so much courage and self esteem. I proved that I can support myself with what I want to do in my life.  That fact is way more valuable than how much money I made. This is something that you can never buy. It does not matter of how much you spend.

There are still many things that I can write, but I should stop at here.

All Ages started it's 2011 U.S tour yesterday. We played at the Real Radio Show which is broadcast live from Times Square, New York to all over the world. Show was really fun and good over all. Personally, it was very challenging to me. I had to play on their electronic drum set and what I played was captured by PA system and sent straight to their main radio station to play it live. I was nervous and having hard time getting used to playing on their kit. Honestly, my performance was far from my best. And funny thing is that was recorded and would be played on the radio for about 2 weeks (I might be wrong). I guess that's how life goes. Never be perfect. And I love that.
We hope we can come back to their show sometime later this year.

Wow, I think I was sitting here and writing for almost 4~5 hours.
So these are bits of what I have been through since All Ages got a break. Hope you enjoyed.
I see you next time... Follow our tour and

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Log 6 : Quick tip for a road with a band

If you are on the road as a performer, you gatto take care of your health condition. That is a MUST. You're better to give your 100% every time you perform. Why?  Well, there are so many reasons that I have as my belief, but I share a few here with you:
  1. There always will be someone who have never seen you before and if you suck, that is for what they remember you for a long time. Most of the time that impression is permanent. They do not have to know and do not care if you were under the weather or whatever.
  2. If one got sick in a group, there is a possibility that other people get sick by being with him too. Then that is simply worse then only one of the member being sick.
  3. The worst case is a group has to stop or cancel shows because of your bad health condition.
 Personally, I believe that not getting sick is one of the least things to handle if you consider yourself as a professional in any of your desired field. One of the facts that, I think, separates between a pro and an other is producing what you have properly all the time. Not more or not less. Consistently produce what it need in that situation. In order to do that, you have to have a control on yourself first.

Last 3 days, I think I have been sick. I do not have any fever or cold, but my throat hearts and I cough really bad every minute. We had a show last night at Millhill Basement where we performed and had a great time about a month ago. We played as good as usual, but my part was not as tight as it was supposed to be. Seems like it is not a big deal at all, but that little detail make a huge difference. That is a fine line that I want always pass. And what worse than that was, I felt unusual tiredness or weight on my body after my performance so that I had to lay down on the couch with my wet clothes from my sweat for like 30 minutes.  The result was obvious. I was so dizzy and felt more sick. I felt so bad for that I could not talk to any of the people and bands after that happened to me.

So do not get sick on the road! is what I am trying to say in this blog.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Log 5

Here we are in Indianapolis, Indiana. Taking days off from our tour. We have few more shows for this year. So those of who have not seen us live yet, make sure you won't miss your chance for this year!

I have sooo much to write about now.  We have done 8 shows since my last blog. All shows were fantastic and marvelous!  We met many good bands and people.

David, Jessie, and all of you who spent time with us at Thanks giving in Phoenix, I can not find better word but thank you very much. It was such a warm and wonderful night. We had really good time with
you, your friend, and your family. I miss you Brutus!!!

I would like to thank Yo-hei, Naoto, and Keiko from Toy box for having us at Big Fish. It was so much fun to play and fun to watch you guys playing!!!  We will definitely come back and play with you guys again!

Brittany, Chris, and Angel. You guys are the best. We're really appreciate for your support. See you guys in February 2011!

Jacob and Kaci of Bar Deluxe in Salt Lake City, you guys saved our lives by letting us stay at your place. Thanks for pizza, beer, and Japanese snack, dried squid!!!  That was soooo good!!! 

The Marvin Heemeyer Experience and Landdgrabbers, you guys are killer at that night in Denver. I hope that we can play together again. Keep in touch with us!!

The show in Lincoln, Nevada was nothing like I have ever experienced. I changed up my drum setting into Jazz set up almost. I used my 16 inch floor tom as a bass drum and substituted the floor tom with my 14 inch rack tom.  It was not really necessary to change my setting in such a way, but for the purpose of providing suitable sound at that night, it worked pretty well!
I thank Bryan and Amy for having us at that night. Every bands and people were so nice to us. And I wish a good luck for the Bearkat. It was good to play and talk with a band who are on the road like us.

St. Louis show was just awesome. There were 6 bands and we played at 4th. Full of excitement and fun. We had such a good time! And Scene of irony, leaded by singer and St Louis legend Moe Holmes, put the floor on fire! I jumped, moshed, and screamed! Good time!!  Dino Fight closed that night with such a great performance.  They rocked out hard all the way til the end! 

Wow... I can go on and on and on but I should stop. I have been on this laptop for sooo long time. I am a slow writer. Who is reading it this far anyway?


This is already the last month of this year. Time flies when you got old. Right?
Do not let this year's wish be next year's. We got not time for waste. 
See you next time....

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Log 4

As you may noticed, I am so bad at keeping my blog active...  When was the last time I wrote?

We are on the road again from Nov 18th. We have played 3 full band shows and 1 open mic show so far. I want to thank all bands and people who shared the time with us at Anime-boken in Hanford, Little red lion in Eureka, Dally grind in Fallon, and Buena coffee in Phoenix.

All these show have its own highlight. I would love to state every single thing but I focus onto the open mic show I and singer, Derrik did last night to make my blog short.....

It was not just that I had never played open mic til last night, but also my fist performance with only hi-hat and snare drum with brushes. NO bass drum or any other cymbals.

While Derrik is fully confident with singing acoustic, I was not sure for first few seconds for finding a fluency on my time keeping motion but it was accomplished pretty quickly. Soon I started feeling fun and was be able to add little spices to my motion.

It was sound like I was trying to survive for whole tune or hang onto what Derrik did but I had a lot of fun. I hope we can do that kind of stuff more.

My ultimate goal is to be great at what I want to great at as a musician/drummer.  There are so many things and styles that I want to cover and great at. I am so grateful for the fact that the path I chose is worth to spend my whole life time.  I have soooo much to learn!

I think I digressed.....

We still have more than 10 shows this year, and some shows are already booked for next year.
Come see us and support live music!
See you next time.









Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Log 3

A long waiting is finally over. We are on the road now. A new kind of citizen U.S tour started yesterday.
We played at the trash bar in Brooklyn, N.Y  Thanks for all bands and people who shared the moment with us last night.  It was not our best performance but we had fun! And that is one of important elements to motivate us to keep on doing what we do.  Please check our band web site for tour dates.

We are gonna rock out in Mill hill basement, New jersey tonight!

遂にAll AgesのA new kind of citizenツアーが昨日から始まりました。
場所は ニューヨーク、ブルックリンのトラッシュバー。一緒にやったバンド、来てくれたお客さん、ありがとう!


Friday, October 8, 2010

Log 2

Since my Machine's (B)Log has appeared in public, I should write something. Right?
So, what is a good story to write today?  alright I got something, here we go.

Musicians:  A rare existence of human kind whose mind or thought is almost the same as others but little bit twisted in wired way. They could see thing differently if they want. Even they had a hard day, one good jam makes their day special.

Ex:  Hey man, I lost my job today but I at least came up a new song for it.

If you have ever had this kind of feeling, you are in the business. Unfortunately : )





残念ながら。(* _ *)