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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Log 8 : Street performance in S.F.

OMG! I put only 4 days to write next log entry from the last one. This is the record!!

I want to share some movie today. It is the video of me playing on the Market st in S.F. This is the one Tom took when I was jamming with the one of those marching kids who was performing on the other side of street with his band members and some guy playing conga who jumped in to a session few seconds later from I and this kid started playing.

After this session, this kid brought his other marching members and that was when the session got really fun!!!

Unfortunately, Tom was gone to his work by that time so there was no one to record that session for me. 

Anyway, I talked about street performance in my last entry and thought putting video of it might be helpful to image how it is like.
Hope you like it.





それと最近、英語のみの更新が続いておりますね。すいません。色々溜め込んでからブログを書く性で、結構長文になんで、それを日本語に訳す気力が英文の方を書き終わる頃には無くなってるんスよね。ホントすんません。 m(_ _)m


  1. Awesome jam session! Next time I see you on Market, I'll record a clip for you. Are you a regular on Market now? ^_^

  2. Thank you Catalina. As long as I consider, I think I played on long enough and met enough people to say that I am a member of the Market street performers union(I just made it up. there is a no such group exists).
    I hope I see you again soon :)