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Monday, October 4, 2010

Log 1

I start blogging because the world force me to do so.  I have no idea what this blog would be about. Could be about All Ages (a band I am playing with right now), could be about my lifetime spend focus (music and drumming), or something else (aa~~~ food?)

You would find that I write in both English and Japanese. Depending on my mood. So if there is someone who wants to learn broken, uneducated, not-in-a-text-book type of Japanese or English, this blog might be helpful.

ブログ始めます。まだ何書くか全く決めていません。しばらくは今ドラム叩いとるバンドのAll Agesの事か、音楽/ドラムの事か、飯の事でも書こうと思います。ツアーがそろそろ始まるので、そうしたら面白い話も増えてくるでしょう。多分。


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